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The Winter’s Tale

Posted on: 11/11/1999

by Morgan Stone Grether (for Will Shakespeare)

The statue of the queen has come to life
Before the king who stunned to silence stands
In awe, his withered hands outstretched.

This amazing scene! The scene at court
We’d all become accustomed to from years
Of repetition was its opposite:

It was the king who moved; the queen was still.
Now all is turned around, and rightly so
In my opinion, if the words of such

A humble courtier are worth your time.
Shrieking suddenly, the king returns
To consciousness and whispers fiercely, “Gods

Above, my wife alive again? My life
A waste no more? But all those wasted years!
Gone away, they’re gone and who’s to blame

But me alone, a hopeless, wasteful fool?”
The queen begins to weep, seeing tears
There on her husband’s cheek. “Enough,” she says,
“You will not be hopeless anymore.”