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The Way We Are (EP, 1998)

Posted on: 2/10/1998

Another entry in the 90’s Tape Club, the audio quality from the cassette is not the greatest here, but I think the fun still comes through. In particular, “Human (After All)” has always been a favorite and has found its way in most of my live shows; indeed I even rerecorded it for The Mirror and the Bell. The album title is a play on the Streisand film The Way We Were about relationship difficulties and if opposites really do attract.

Recorded at Eye Brow La Brea in Los Angeles, California. All songs by Morgan Stone Grether ©1998.

01. “Confront the Silence”

02. “Fingered You in the Lineup”

03. “Human (After All)”

04. “Lovin’ Me is a Lie”

05. “The Fever”

06. “Theme from Belly Flop”

07. “Turn It Up”

08. “Used”