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Gravity Really Brings Me Down (LP, 1998)

Posted on: 3/17/1998

In 1998, at the urging of Chris D. Lee, I wrote and recorded a series of EPs that eventually became a science fiction concept album examining the trials and tribulations of a visitor from Saturn on Earth. The album title plays on the song title, “Poverty Really Brings Me Down,” by the great Kansas City band, Sin City Disciples. Lyric sheet (PDF)

Recorded at Eye Brow La Brea in Los Angeles, California. All songs by Morgan Stone Grether ©1998.

01. “Starchild”

02. “In My Hands”

03. “In Between”

04. “Here’s the Message”

05. “Gas Giant”

06. “I Will Be Your Singer”

07. “You, Beautiful You”

08. “Bride in the Sky”

09. “Mars Attacks”

10. “Doppelganger”

11. “Screwing with My DNA”

12. “Your Patient”

13. “When You Wake Up (And Find Me Gone)”

14. “Science Fiction, Baby”