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God Bless the Sewers (LP, 2000)

Posted on: 5/1/2000

All songs by Morgan Stone Grether, except “Falling on the Concrete” by Carlos E. Velez and Morgan Stone Grether. Recorded at Genesee Mobile Labs, Hollywood, California, Eye Brow La Brea, Los Angeles, California, and Silver Music Studio, Fort Myers, Florida.

01. “Get Off Me, Holmes!”

02. “Looking”

03. “Inside a Lowrider”

04. “Will You Want You Want”

05. “Standing on My Shoulders”

06. “Chains”

07. “Falling on the Concrete”

08. “Let It Roll”

09. “Prayer”

10. “Running to You”

11. “Your Soldier”

12. “Better Off Today”

13. “Going Down”