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God and Job Once Had a Talk

Posted on: 11/17/1999

God and Job once had a talk.
Actually, one talked and one
Listened, as the other spun
Round and round above his head
In a violent tempest. “Dead,”
Job could only say, “I wish
I were dead.” Then, like a hawk
Swirling over him, our great
God amusedly began
Talking all about the rain,
Lions, and gigantic fish.
“Job,” He asked, “did you create
Earth and all its many wonders?
So, you have no right, dear man,
None at all, to question Me.
It’s another of your blunders.
Hubris, as the Greeks will call
It, and they’ll be experts. Pain,
Torture, rage against their lot
Make them feel as though they ought,
As it were, to challenge life.
You are like this too. A small
Bit of wisdom, listen here
As I whisper in your ear:
Do not challenge Me. A knife
In your heart would surely be
Better than your soul on fire,
Boiling over, end to end.
Put aside your mortal ire.
Learn to see Me as your friend.
Anger is divine and so
Should be left to Me alone.
Next time, think of Me as though
I am here to help atone
Sins of human flesh, and not
Causing flesh to clot or rot.
When you want to look for Me
Turn away from tempest gales
And ignore the lightning’s strike.
Gentle as the doves and snails,
I, your God, am, if you like,
Chopping wood in Galilee.”