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Forever Since Last Night (LP, 2011)

Posted on: 3/9/2011

All songs written, produced, and performed by Morgan Stone Grether, ©2011. Except “I’m Right? You’re Wrong”: lyrics by Judson Wright and Morgan Stone Grether and music by Morgan Stone Grether.  Recorded at Singersongs Music in Portland, Oregon. Cover art by Caitlin McDonagh.

01. “Been Around”

02. “Delectable, Delicious”

03. “It Burns on Burnside”

04. “Don’t Know What You See in Him”

05. “When There’s No One There”

06. “Kinda Like a Novel”

07. “Write Me a Letter”

08. “Ferris Wheel”

09. “I’m Right? You’re Wrong”

10. “I See You Smile”