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For Violet, on Your Sixth Birthday

Posted on: 4/16/2014

Sweet Violet, you were born in spring, and now

At six you are a child of spring as well.

You love it when the rains come. Yes, you run

For your boots and splash to your heart’s content, laughing long

And loudly. You find joy amidst the mists;

You frolic in the fogs; you hail the hails.

You’re always throwing back your head to feel

Rain droplets on your smiling little face.

Your tongue juts out to taste it too, before

You sing, “I’m singing in the rain!” And kick

Like an Irish dancer, marveling at it all.

And next your destination is the yard.

Mud warrior, dirt princess, shoveler of mighty heaps,

You search with epic glee for worms and grubs

Like a 49er scavenged for clumps of gold.

There is no hesitation to get filthy,

Cramped, or soaked in your contented quest

For life within the soil. For the child

Of spring is as focused as a scientist

Can get, and you await your Nobel prize

In something that relates to joy in earth

And rain and laughter. Happy birthday, love.