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For Violet, on Your Second Birthday

Posted on: 4/9/2010

Two! Now all the temper tantrums are
Upon us, and you fight us when you do
Not get your way. Perhaps I should be mad
At you and scold you, or go research what
The latest trends of psychological
Advice in parents magazines might say
I am to do instead to be a fit
And proper dad. But really I am too
Impressed by these displays to do much more
Than laugh in admiration at your strength
And perseverance. You, my love, are such
A healthy, powerful child it’s difficult
To not be overawed at times. Perhaps
The fates will send you down a path to grow
To be a great commander, a warrior who
Will lead her troops to battle on a distant
Sandy beachhead, barking orders, while
You carry a wounded comrade on your back.
I doubt that path is yours though, as you love
So much to laugh and play and dance and tell
Your favorite knock-knock jokes (which make no sense
To anyone but you of course). To me
It seems it’s far more likely that you’ll be
A comic than a soldier, but I have
Been wrong before and will be wrong again,
I guess. Of this I know I’m right: what path
You take will be the one you choose yourself;
You’re much too strong to do anything else.