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For Violet, on Your First Birthday

Posted on: 4/16/2009

I feel we’ve been through this before, yes, you
And me, this birthday thing, this time together,
But I guess it really has been just
A year, a single revolution here
Of this rock around the sun, a single cycle
Of the seasons… Wait, that’s it? That’s all? Not more?
Seems strange, seems short, seems you have been a part
Of our home here, our little family,
For so much longer, yes, too long to count.

Since your birth you’ve been a part of us,
And such a happy child, healthy too,
Strong as Alcides in Argos (though
I hope I’m not like Linus with his lyre
Sometime we’re playing the guitar
together), strong in form and strong in will
as well, not ever failing to express
Your feelings on a subject with a grunt,
A growl, a laugh, a hug, a shove, a sign
for “More, more, more!” I’d say the most amazed
I am with you is with your love of song,
How any music you encounter will
Delight you, from some simple humming to
A smashing, crashing orchestra, will get
You dancing in a flash; your head will nod,
Your arms will wave, your butt will bounce, your face
Will shine alive with firecracker laughs
Just bursting from your giant, happy smile.

Don’t lose that love as you grow older. Hold
It tight and don’t let go, as music has
Brought me a life of joy (though if I had
To choose in some silly devil’s bargain, I
Would rather listen to you and your sister laugh
Than anything else I’ve ever heard on Earth).