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For Violet, on the Day of Your Birth

Posted on: 4/14/2008

Ring the church bells. Honk the loudest horns.
Get that guy who owns some stilts to stomp
Around the city square announcing your
Arrival via megaphone, and hire
A group of college kids to chant your name —
“Violet! Violet!” — as a fire boat
Passes down the river spraying jets
Of water up in all directions so
The crowds on shore can ooh and ahh and say,
“I’d like to meet this newborn baby girl!”

You see, by simply being you, you’ve done
A very cool thing: adding a fourth
Dimension to our family; you took
Us out of three dimensions. Einstein wrote
A lot about this stuff and won a bunch
Of accolades… though honestly I think
I’d rather read some Dr. Spock these days…