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For Olivia, on Your Fifth Birthday

Posted on: 5/6/2009

Who are these angels at my side, one small,
One smaller, though they seem to grow each day?
Rambunctious angels, loud and loving life.
And you, the older one, I see you’ve had
Another birthday. Yes, Olivia
Is five now. (Wow, how tempus fugits fast.)
My joy, you’ve grown into so many things
Within these five short years that’ve flashed across
My life like lightning, come and gone in a clap
Of thunder (sounding suspiciously like laughs
Of a little girl): you are a daughter who
Loves to help her dad with any task
Around the house; a school girl learning how
To speak and read in Japanese; a friend
To your new classmates (could these friendships last
A lifetime now?); a scientist who lifts
Up rocks to study soils and bugs you find
Below; a doctor with a stethoscope
Who listens closely to our hearts and breaths
And tries to take our blood pressures as well;
A treasure hunter seeking precious stones
And other shiny things throughout our yard;
And, most excitingly, the best big sister
You can be; you try your best each day.
(That’s all that I can ask of you; it’s more
Than I can really ask.) The girl grows up.