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For Olivia, on Your 13th Birthday

Posted on: 5/20/2017

A cool day with blasting sun,

13 years ago, awaiting you.

Twilight fell and you announced

With vigor your imminent arrival.

Contractions were close apart,

The doula timing them with Swiss precision.

(She was after all from Interlaken.)

Los Angeles glowed its dirty neon glow

As we drove to the hospital.

The longest drive of my life

Was really only seven miles long.

Space and time will stretch and bend

To play with our awareness.

Years can jump by in a blink,

And then we can enjoy

Adventures in a single moment.

This night of yours, so long ago, so close at hand,

I merely close my eyes and I am there.

I relive it, that wild night, that happy instance

When I met you.