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Blow Off the Dust: The Best of Critical Dump (LP, 2006)

Posted on: 3/21/2006

I was in a couple bands in college, but the poetically named Critical Dump consumed so much of my time, I am unsure how I ever graduated. Here’s a compilation of recordings from the Dump, who were for a few years the hardest rocking band in New Orleans. All songs by Grether/Rudolf/Lee @1992.

Stone Grether: vocals, rhythm guitar
Matt “Gary Love” Rudolf: guitars, backing vocals
C.D. Lee: bass
15 or so lovely people: drums

01. “Falling Down”

02. “Tearing Me Apart (live)”

03. “Wings”

04. “You’ve Got to Change (live)”

05. “She’s a Star”

06. “Love You Second Best (Jeanie) [live]”

07. “Flabulina”

08. “Johnny Wunderkind (live)”

09. “Medley: Lost & When We’re Alone (live)”

10. “Paste (live)”