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Best at Bad Times (LP, 2002)

Posted on: 12/5/2002

In late 2002 I began carrying a notebook with me during lunchtimes in a busy South LA food court and writing down overheard phrases I found amusing or interesting. These notes were the source for nearly all the lyrics to Best at Bad Times, as well as the album title.

All songs written by Morgan Stone Grether ©2002. Recorded at Genesee Mobile Labs in Los Angeles, California. Lyric sheet (PDF)

01. “Gimme It Real”

02. “Chicken Limp”

03. “Melrose & Fairfax”

04. “Deathwish”

05. “Poor Danny”

06. “Nice Guy”

07. “Come Closer”

08. “Days on the Road”

09. “Can’t Ever Be Together”

10. “Change Now for Our Future”

11. “John Brown’s Ghost”