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As If You Were a Song (LP, 2009)

Posted on: 4/11/2009

In 2009, my old buddy Judson Wright and I build a computer program that could randomly compile pieces of texts into song lyrics. It was a great project and I believe it even made it to a few academic pieces that Judson did. Lyric sheet (PDF)

All of these song lyrics by Judson Wright and Morgan Stone Grether and music by Morgan Stone Grether. Recorded at Singersongs Music in Portland, Oregon.

01. “This City Goes on Forever”

02. “Heaven Only Knows What Your Husband Thinks of Us”

03. “Honey, Honey (Remix)”

04. “The Actress”

05. “The Honey-Sweet Life”

06. “I’m Right, You’re Wrong”

07. “In the Bar Tonight”

08. “She Loves to Bite”

09. “My Aching Head”

10. “Naomi in the Sun”

11. “Like a Song”

12. “Trouble Makes Me”