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Ain’t Afraid (LP, 2006)

Posted on: 10/27/2006

All songs written and performed by Morgan Stone Grether ©2006. Recorded at Genesee Mobile Labs, Hollywood, California, and Singersongs Music, Portland, Oregon.

01. “Intro”

02. “Sing It Out”

03. “Ain’t Afraid”

04. “Hypocrites Against Rock’n'Roll”

05. “Guantanamo”

06. “Long Way Down the Wrong Way”

07. “Record Store Rebel”

08. “Hush”

09. “Battle-Ready”

10. “Intermission”

11. “I in Your Empire”

12. “Into Oblivion”

13. “The End of Everything”

14. “If You’re My Carl Barat, Then I’m Your…”

15. “Let’s Go Get Lost”

16. “Never Say Never in the Netherlands”

17. “Don’t Believe”

18. “Up High on Medicine Rock (Bonus Song)”